Acquisition Profile :

Cetina is interested in businesses or divisions (for divestitures) that satisfy the following requirements:

Technology focused businesses

Company Size

Other Characteristics

We are interested in both straight sales and divestitures of businesses/divisions. The main product or service of the business should have an information technology component to it. We prefer businesses that are providing services or selling products to businesses or government (not consumers).

Annual revenue between $3 Million and $25 Million and EBITDA higher than $800,000.

Business should be either stable or have increasing revenue/cash flow during the last three years. Business is in an industry niche that is growing or where technology provides an unfair advantage against competition. Prefer industry that is fragmented with no clear market leader.

Acquisition Timeframe

Due to our network of capital and debt sources, we are able to move very quickly. Our goal is to complete purchase agreement and fund the deal within 60~90 days from day of signing of LOI.